About Us

Our founding in 2018, Mr.Wallet has helped its members and is a leading e-commerce shopping guide in India —to connecting a favorite stores. By connecting these savvy shoppers,

Our Vision

“To give them a hassle-free way to save money on the things they buy every day”

Understand Us

Now days in our country people are bargaining for any things they purchase directly from the open market. Isn’t that true; No need to bargain, read below!

We bring a platform where people like me and you buy things online through Mr.Wallet with loads of discount and offer and you know what, you will get cash back rebate from us. The rebate partner covers almost all well-known e-commerce companies, including home appliance & electronics business websites such as Amazon.in, Ebay.in, Flipkart, Apple iTunes and more than 200 well-known e-commerce companies. Brand shop.

When the member clicks on the rebate link, Banner etc; to go to the corresponding merchant website to place an order, the merchant will pay a rebate for the user’s order for a marketing fee. The Mr.Wallet will return most of this fee to the user’s in the form of rebates. This is rebate source.

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